Earn Frequent Tryer Miles®

Frequent Tryer Miles® - a points program which rewards you for becoming a member
and being active on our site.

What You Do What You Get
  Visit StartSampling
(Miles awarded once per day) Bonus: earn 15 additional Miles for every 10th visit per calendar month!
10 Miles
  Tell a friend and they become a member
Earn Miles only for your first 10 referrals Bonus: earn 75 additional miles for your first three referrals! For more information, see the FAQ
25 Miles
  Take a SampleSurvey
Earn 10 Miles for participating in our SampleSurveys. (Note: One survey per member; Miles awarded may vary by survey at the discretion of StartSampling.
10 Miles
  View Sample
View a sample and receive 10 FTMs. (Limit one adjustment per sample)
10 Miles
  View Offer
View an offer and receive 20 FTMs. (Limit one adjustment per offer)
20 Miles
  Clip Coupons
Earn 15 FTMs for Clipping Coupons and saving money! (Limit one adjustment per day)
15 Miles
  Helpful Hint Rating
Earn FTMs for rating a Helpful Hint. (Limit one adjustment per hint)
5 Miles
  Answer a poll question
Earn 5 FTMs for answering a poll question. (Limit one adjustment per poll)
5 Miles
  Answer a trivia question
Earn 5 FTMs for answering a trivia question. (Limit one adjustment per trivia question)
5 Miles
  Enter a "Current Contest"
Earn 5 FTMs for entering a Current Contest. (Limit one adjustment per contest)
5 Miles
  Visit the Forum
Earn 5 FTMs for visiting the forum. (Limit one adjustment per day)
5 Miles
  Rate and comment on our samples
Earn 5 FTMs for rating a sample. Earn an extra 5 FTMs when you share your comments about a sample. (Limit one adjustment per sample)
5 Miles


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