Dreamsicle Cake


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1 Orange Cake Mix (bake as instructed in 2 round or 2 square pans)

12 oz whipped topping
16 oz sour cream
1/2 cup Confectioner's sugar
1 small oragne Jell-0

1. Cut layers in half with knife or thread.

2. Mix all but the Jell-0 for the frosting. Frosting for between layers is white. Frost first layer on top. Place second layer on this and frost top. Place third layer on this and frost top. Place 4th layer on top.

3. Mix at least half of the 3 oz orange Jell-0 (as is, as granules) in the white frosting making a beautiful pastel orange color. Frost top and sides with this orange colored frosting.

It is really so very pretty.

Submitted by Patricia from New Mexico


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