StartSampling, Inc is a digital marketing services company that facilitates the creation of a direct link between brand owners and interested, engaged consumers. StartSampling works with brands from the consumer packaged goods and other industries to reach consumers who are eager to 'Try Something New' across a broad spectrum of on-line and off-line venues. StartSampling provides services that span the entire promotions process from design & development (covering both Web implementation and packaging), physical fulfillment, data handling, cleansing, & storage related activities, on-line reporting (permitting real time event monitoring and adjustment) and information tools to understand consumer reactions to our customers brand marketing efforts.

Located in a suburb outside of Chicago, StartSampling has an unparalleled network of partners to extend its variety of sample offerings and its membership base.

StartSampling, Inc.
195 E. Elk Trail
Carol Stream, IL 60188